Portfolio and Testimonials

Painting miniatures isn’t just a job here at Morpheus Models, we love working with our clients to achieve a finished piece that encompasses their vision. Please read some of the feedback we have received from our customers.


“Fantastic work! You want figs painted professionaly, seek a Professional. I did. Never more happy”


“Fantastic work can’t wait for my next lot to be done my trygon looks incredible”


Allan is a premier painter. He cares enough about what a customer wants (even an international one like myself) he calls and keeps in contact throughout the process. His work went above and beyond my expectations. Liked what he did so much on the first model I had him do a second, that’s the highest recommendation I can offer.

James Clinton


A couple of months ago I placed a commission with Allan Nock. The request was for both armies in the starter pack Red Veil for Infinity. And I must say that he did an amazing job. Not only was the turn around incredibly fast the miniatures came out absolutely beautifully. Allan kept me updated on the process the entire way via photos of the progress he was making. He was and is an extremely approachable person who was more than happy to answer any questions I had and fulfill any requests when it came to painting the minis. He even offered to add a little extra flair to the power weapons so as to give them a more energized feel. I gratefully accepted and was not disappointed. All of this stunning work for nearly half the price of some of the big painting companies out there made it well worth every dime. Unfortunately my camera is a simple cell phone camera and does not do these miniatures justice. Nevertheless I’ve taken a few snaps to show off.

Dylan Burton


I started out playing Warhammer 40k when 8th edition dropped. I wanted my Blood Angel army to be painted up to a standard that I would be proud of playing with. Through reddit, I found Allan who was willing to take a crack at my collection of gray plastic. All I can say is, I couldn’t be happier with his work. He painstakingly took the time to ask me all the specifics of what I wanted and delivered a final product that I couldn’t be happier with. I will always come back to Allan to get my future models painted from. A truly talented artist.

Alex William


“Excellent work Allan. Everything looks fantastic and very well painted”


“Great work and a really nice guy! I really recommend him!”

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Morpheus Models – MiniWar Gaming Showcase

“Alan from Morpheus Models did some awesome work for us showing his skill in a variety of different areas. The skin on the HearthGuard is clean, the Tau Armor is highlighted nicely, and the Nurgle looks as gross as they should be.”




“A really professional and good painter. He is also a nice and friendly guy who listens to your requests. If i would have anyone paint my models again it’d be him. Great job!”